Frequently Asked Questions

Hailey Hosken Climbing on the West top rope wall.

First Timer/Beginner FAQ

Can anyone climb?

Climbing is a great activity that can be taken up at any age.  We have members from all athletic backgrounds, from under 3 years old to over 70, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. At both facilities, we make sure to have routes for people of all skill sets, and experience. Anyone can climb at Spire! 

Waiver Policy

If bringing minors (under 18) please make sure to bring a waiver for the child.  Doing the waiver online allows for you to get climbing right away, and can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or smartphone!  If we do not have a valid waiver on file, the individual cannot climb.  No exceptions!  We hate turning away excited climbers, so please ensure that we have or can get a valid waiver!

Can a grandparent/aunt/uncle/teacher/friend's parent sign the waiver for a minor?

No.  Our waivers must be signed by the minor's parent or court-appointed legal guardian.  They can be filled out online with a computer or a smartphone.

Is adult supervision required?

Adult supervision is required for all participants under the age of 14 at a ratio of 1:3 adult to youth unless otherwise approved by Spire Staff.

Is any experience required?

No experience is required to climb at Spire!   We teach the skills required to get on our top-ropes or Auto-belays with the purchase of a day pass.

Is an appointment required to bring in a group? 

Yes! Groups larger than 8 people must reserve a time to use the facility together.  Please fill out a Group Reservation Request online here.  Unscheduled groups may be turned away at the door. 

Is an appointment required to learn the ropes?

We do not require an appointment for top rope belay lessons or day use of the gym.  Our staff will teach top rope belay lessons on a first come, first served basis, any time the gym is open.  These classes are included in the price of the day pass and do not cost extra.  We also offer refreshers for those who have belayed before but are a bit rusty on their skills.  Spire does not require an appointment for top-rope or lead tests.

What is belaying?

Belaying is taking the slack out of the rope as the climber ascends the wall.  This means if the climber falls they will be caught by the belayer.  For a quick online refresher/lesson/more thorough explanation of belaying, see our "How to Belay" video on YouTube.  

How long does it take to learn how to belay?

Typically belay lessons take less than a 1/2-hour and are hands-on throughout. All of our staff are trained on how to instruct our customers and members on how to use Auto-belays, top rope technique, AND lead climbing proficiency tests. 

What is minimum age to belay?


Do you provide belayers?

Belayers are available by appointment only, but we offer free belay lessons for anyone 14 or older.  

Do you have Auto-Belays?

Yes! Within our gym at any given time we typically have 12-13 Auto-Belays set up, each one with 2-3 routes of differing difficulties. With some simple math, that's nearly forty routes available for when you are climbing by yourself!

Is there an hourly rate?

We do not offer an hourly rate.  Our day passes are valid on the day of purchase for all hours that we're open.  Day pass holders can come and go as they please on day of purchase and have access to both locations (Main Facility and Training Center). 

What clothes are suggested?

Any clothes that don't restrict movement are great.  If wearing a rental harness, we suggest wearing a shirt that can be pulled down under the harness so it doesn't chafe.

What is the minimum age to climb?

We do not have a set minimum age, but generally children under the age of 3 have a difficult time with climbing.  We do have full-body harnesses and kids' shoes available for the little ones to rent.  

Do I have to buy a day pass if just belaying for my children/spouse/other?

If belaying for your children or others, we do not require the purchase of a day pass.  Rental harnesses are available for belayers for rent if the belayer does not own their own.  

Are climbing shoes required?

Climbing shoes are not required, but are highly recommended.  Tennis shoes are a poor substitute for climbing shoes and will make all the walls feel considerably harder. 

Are shoes required?

Nobody wants to touch holds that have been touched by sweaty feet, so we do require shoes to climb. 

Do you have programs for kids? 

Yes! We run youth programs throughout the year, whether its After School Programs, Weekend Youth Programs, Summer Programs, or Holiday Break Programs. Kids love to climb and these programs are built to be an excellent blend of fun and education. If you would like to sign up your child or would like to see our youth program offerings, please click HERE 

Do you offer birthday parties? 

Yes! We are currently offering birthday parties, however they are offered on a limited basis, so please schedule ahead of time on our website!


Day Pass FAQ

Do you offer student/military discounts?

We do offer discounts for student and military.  See our rates page here for more information. You will be asked to provide proof of status for both discounted rates. 

Is a day pass good for all day?

Day passes are good for all day.  Day pass holders are free to leave and come back all day for no additional charge.

Is the day pass good for both locations, Main and Training Center?

Yes, if you purchase a day pass, you have access to both the Main Facility (13 Enterprise Blvd) AND the Training Center (10 Innovation Ln), for the entire day. 


Membership FAQ 

Do you offer beginner packages? 

Yes! Our beginner packages include 2 weeks of membership, shoes, harness, chalk, chalk bag, and an Intro to Climbing class! If you choose to then sign up for an EFT membership, enrollment fee would then also be waived. This is a fantastic option for people looking to start climbing, so please ask our desk staff about this option! 

Can memberships be started mid month?

Any membership can be started mid-month.  A one-month membership is valid for one month from date of purchase. EFT membership sign up would require the enrollment fee, plus the pro-rated monthly fee. 

Which memberships come with guest passes?

EFT Autopay Memberships and one-year prepaid memberships come with one guest pass per calendar month.  These passes do not accrue and must be used every calendar month or they are lost. 

When is the money charged onto the credit/debit card for EFT memberships?

The 1st of every month, or the next business day if the 1st is on a weekend.  

Which memberships can be frozen?

The freeze rate for the EFT is $10 per month for individuals.  If a mid-month freeze is requested, the freeze will start on the 1st of the next month.  Memberships can be unfrozen at any time.

Prepaid memberships can be put on hold if a member suffers an injury that prevents them from climbing, or has other extenuating circumstances.  These must be done through a manager and require a doctor's note or proof.

Do you offer family memberships? 

Yes! A family membership requires at least 2 people who live together and requires proof (signed lease, etc) for enrollment. A family membership is $148/month + $30/each additional dependent. 

What are the additional benefits of a membership? 

By paying one fee each month, you get access to both locations for unlimited climbing access. Additionally, our locations offer fitness and weight training areas, a Yoga studio with yoga and fitness classes, access to instructional courses, and 10% off of our retail gear shop!


Retail Gear Shop FAQ

What brands do you carry?

We are proud to be one of the best climbing gear retail shops in Montana. We carry distinguished brands such as La Sportiva, SCARPA, Black Diamond, PETZL, Edelrid, Darn Tough, Mammut, Metolius, Organic Climbing, E9 apparel, etc. 

Do you sell ropes?

Yes, we sell both dynamic and static ropes of various brands. 

Do you sell climbing shoes? 

Yes, we have a great selection of climbing shoes from all of the top brands in climbing footwear. Our staff is also all trained on how to fit shoes appropriately for climbers of all ability. 

Do you sell harnesses? 

Yes, we have a great selection of some of the top harnesses in the industry. Just like our climbing shoe selection, our staff is all trained on proper fitting for your harness. 

What is your return policy? 

This depends on what you have purchased. If the gear is "life saving" gear (protection pieces, ropes, harness, carabiners, slings, quickdraws, etc) then unfortunately we cannot accept a return on those items once you have left the building after purchase. This is because the safety of those items is then compromised and cannot be resold. However, we will accept returns within 30 days of most other items including apparel, backpacks, and climbing shoes!