Beginner Package

Beginner's Package

Climbing can be an expensive sport to get into, and in effort to make it more accessible, we are trying to lower this barrier.  We created our Beginner's Package with all the things needed to get started in this awesome sport!


Package Includes:

  • Climbing shoes
  • Climbing harness
  • Chalk bag - We have a staggering array of chalk bag styles
  • Chalk
  • FREE  1 Month membership*
  • FREE Intro to Climbing class and/or immediate instruction
  • Waived Enrollment if you upgrade to an Autopay membership, if purchased within 2 weeks after trial ends 
  • 10% discount on gear after beginner package purchase**

*Purchaser cannot be an existing member
**Purchaser does not receive member retail discount on shoes, harness, chalk bag/chalk ball during Beginner Package purchase. 

Prices will vary dependent on selection, but this package will give you over $100 in savingsStarting as low as $185!

Choose from a variety of gear options and get professionally fitted by our staff for your shoes/harness and start climbing today!