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Bozeman Yoga Studio

Bozeman Yoga Classes

Spire's yoga studio offers a variety of styles, from Vinyasa to Yin, with a variety of times and instructors to suit your preferences.  Our yoga studio is home to a passionate and talented group of yogis who can help you recover after a long workout with Yin yoga, engage your sense of balance and strength with one of our Power or Vinyasa yoga classes, or let you play with a partner in an Acro yoga class.  While anyone can enjoy Spire's yoga program, we also offer several yoga classes explicitly aimed at climbers that can help reduce muscle imbalances, improve balance, and harden the body against injury.  Our yoga instructors strive to create a personal connection with each participant, and guide them through their yoga practice, by offering modifications, adjustments, or suggestions on how to further their practice.  This personal connection allows our yoga instructors to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels, from beginner to expert, in an encouraging yoga class environment.  Class descriptions for each yoga class can be found by clicking on the calendar below.  Join us for a yoga class today!

Summer Yoga Class Offerings (May 15th - July 31st)

  • Beginner's Yoga - Can't touch your toes? Never attempted yoga and don't want an instructor saying cues in another language? We got you. Join us for a welcoming class that offers modifications, no pressure and smiles.
  • Beginner's Deep-Stretch Yoga - Is standing and holding poses not your thing? Or maybe you're just sore and tired from the week. Don't fret. Pop into this deep stretch class and enjoy the calm atmosphere, slow movements and delicious hip openers and low back releases. We'll even use pillows and blocks to make this your comfiest yoga class ever!
  • Beginner/Intermediate Yoga - A yoga flow for people of all levels! This class is all about connecting with your breath and finding ways to bring what you learn on your mat to your everyday life. This class always offers options to modify and make it a practice of your own to suit however you arrive.
  • Intermediate Yoga - This class focuses on linking breath to movement through a series of progressive postures, each held for a few breaths, building strength and flexibility through isometrics.
  • Morning Stability FlowSlow to medium flow yoga to improve symmetrical strength, flexibility and posture for optimal performance and injury prevention with all activity. This class is for everyone; optional poses are demonstrated so all can participate. Every class ends with long slow stretching to release muscle tension and relax the mind.
  • Climbing Endurance Yoga - Want to hold a pose for longer or maybe climb with more control? This class links breath with movement to build heat, joint stability and endurance in poses.
  • Yoga for Mental Wellness - Rough day, week, month or year? Leave it on your yoga mat. This class is designed to allow yourself time to check-in, challenge your mindfulness and stretch your comfort-zone all while remaining thoughtful and accessible to all levels. Taught in a trauma-conscious style, this class incorporates meditation, breath work, movement and play. Engage in sequences that build to a peak pose with modifications along the way and ample opportunity to cultivate a mindful practice.
  • Yoga for Movement - In this Yoga class you will flow from pose to pose using the breath. There will be a focus on alignment to ensure you are properly in each pose. You can expect a balanced class that will challenge you while also leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and wanting to come back for more.

    See below for class schedules per week!


Yoga Class Schedule

Yoga Class Pricing

  • $15/class drop-in rate.  Sign up online above or stop by our front desk before class to pay for a class.
  • Free for members
  • Free for day pass purchasers
  • Class registration opens 7 days before the class

Our Yoga Studio

Our beautiful south Bozeman yoga studio was built in 2015 and is located upstairs next to our fitness area in our Main Facility.  Our spacious yoga studio invites students to practice a variety of styles in a comfortable space.

  • Free Manduka Pro Rental Yoga Mats
  • Bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks to help you find the perfect position
  • In-ceiling speakers allow for balanced tunes to aid your flow
  • Full-length mirror to find that ideal alignment
  • Large window allows for natural light
  • Free shower and towel service for after your class
  • Double thick insulation in the walls to help deaden the sound from the hubbub of the climbing gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any suitable yoga classes for beginners or first-timers?

Absolutely, check our schedule above for our Yoga for Beginners for an introduction to the poses and mindset behind yoga. Vinyasa is also a great place to start your yoga journey, with instructors able to modify the practice to fit your body.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit will start by filling out a waiver and getting checked in by our front desk. Our yoga studio is upstairs, and all the studio gear (mats, blankets, bolsters, etc.) are free for you to borrow. Our instructors will ask you about any injuries or requested poses before the class begins to help tailor the practice to your needs.

What should I wear to attend yoga?

We'd recommend wearing clothes that you'd wear to climb, with unrestricted movement being the most essential characteristic of an outfit.

Do you offer hot yoga?

We do not, but have several space heaters in our space for our slower flow classes so we can warm the studio up.

Can I climb and do a yoga class on the same day pass?

Yep, you can even take a yoga class in the morning and come back later in the day to climb.

Is yoga included in your memberships?

Unlimited yoga is included in any of our memberships.

Our Instructors

Sarah B - Yoga/Fitness Coordinator. - RYT 200

Sarah Buczek, RYT 200, was born on the east-coast beaches of Fairfield, Connecticut. She pursued her yoga certification back in 2013 after receiving a teaching scholarship from a New York City based studio. Sarah's passion for fitness branches out into various other classes, such as TRX and Cycling.   

Emily D. - RYT 200

After practicing yoga 10+ years I followed my heart and decided to pursue teaching yoga to put "good" out in the world. I am originally from Kentucky and moved to Montana in 2009. I enjoy whitewater rafting, fly fishing, and the outdoors. I love animals and music. My style of teaching is firmly rooted in cultivating mindfulness and listening to the body/self. I have found that good alignment and strength building is most effective when bodily awareness and mindfulness is established first. I have learned much about myself in the stillness of Savasana. For me, Yoga is an art form and I hope to elucidate the many benefits from its practice at Spire!

Jane W. - RYT 200, Physical Therapist

After 30 years of yoga practice and ten years of yoga instruction I have found that the most important aspect of my teaching is to facilitate people being their best self.  This focus is accomplished through instruction that invites the body, mind and spirit to the present-moment-flow while letting go anything that doesn’t allow that flow.  

During my classes, I direct instruction toward the opening of the self.  With the use of mantras, energy centers and self-observation we learn to trigger our equilibrium by engaging specific aspects of the nervous system.  This can release anxiety and turbulence in our lives.  Focusing on balance, trust, kindness, generosity and respect for all living things, allows the shift of our being to embrace the whole, beautiful unique self.  We then become free to listen to the wisdom within; the oneness of all living things. 

It is my honor to invite all yogis to my classes and see what will unfold.  

I am also a board-certified physical therapist for over 15 years.  I enjoy biking, running, backpacking, and all forms of skiing and climbing.  I am in Montana with my wonderful husband and awesome dog.  I am very grateful to be here.

Mari Y. - RYT 200

Through 6 years of personal practice, Mari has come to appreciate the lessons and growth realized through time spent on the yoga mat, and strives to integrate these themes of patience, trust, and connection to her life off the mat. Through linking breath with fluid movement and awareness of the body, Mari’s vinyasa classes work to encourage students to naturally understand these profound lessons. She aims to guide students through growth in their practice both physically and mentally.

Outside of yoga, Mari will be found romping in the mountains - be it climbing, skiing, biking, or backpacking. She’s found her yoga practice to be vital in keeping her body resilient and strong so that she can perform to the best of her ability in her other hobbies and works to help her students do the same!

Nico H. - RYT 200

Nico is originally from Golden, CO. She is your typical Colorado girl with many passions from skiing to crafting. Nico has been practicing yoga for about 8 years. She grew up dancing but when that became too hard on her body she found yoga to keep the flow moving and then fell in love with what the practice did for her physical and emotional well being. After taking her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Boulder CO, she discovered a passion in helping others connect with themselves through movement and breath. Her classes are often powerful yet soothing and allow for a full body experience. 

Sara F. - CYT 250

Sara has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and teaching for the past few years. Yoga is incorporated into all aspects of her life from a daily meditation practice to stilling her mind while climbing to facilitating group experiences through FreedWoman Retreats. Sara also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, SUP-ing, and camping. She hails from the Philadelphia-area, but feels most at home in the mountains. From her lineages of heart-opening yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin, you can expect Sara's classes to include pranayama (breath control), physical asana, and yoga philosophy. 

Molly McKinney - RN, MSPH, TCYM-T

Molly is a Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method-certified teacher who identifies as queer and non-binary. They enjoy climbing, skiing, and hiking in the mountains all around Montana, spending time with family and friends, and cuddling their dog, Lucy.