Bozeman Climbing Team

Bozeman Climbing Team

The Bozeman Climbing Team is a youth climbing team dedicated to the development of young athletes.  We strive to teach our athletes to be the safest, strongest, smartest, and most enthusiastic climbers in Bozeman and across the region. 

If you are already a BCT athlete or parent please use the following link to access detailed information for competitions, team events, fundraising, travel, and volunteering.  This is a password protected page.  

BCT Parent Info

Please contact our coaches at for login credentials.

Registration and Team Descriptions:

BCT is divided into recreational, precompetition, and competitive teams. If you think the Bozeman Climbing Team is for you, please see the team descriptions and registration information at the bottom of this page or click here.  If you have further questions, please contact our coaches at

Team Mission

Our mission at Spire is to instill in each athlete a healthy lifelong passion for the sport of climbing. We strive to foster a growth mindset through positive motivation and a focus on each individual’s needs as they strive to overcome the obstacles to becoming a better athlete. Whether the goal is competition or a personal best, we provide a fun, but serious environment to inspire each athlete to push their limits and seek continuous growth and learning.

Team Progression

It is most natural for athletes to progress from our Youth Programs, on to our Rec Team, and finally advance to our PreComp or Comp Teams. Although, this may not always be the case for every athlete. Our coaches monitor each athlete in our programs and will recommend they move to a more challenging team if they think climbers have mastered the mental and physical skills and techniques offered. It is our goal to place athletes in the programs which best fit and challenge them. To read team descriptions click here.


All athletes are expected to respect the time and effort of their teammates and coaches. To accomplish this, athletes should arrive on time mentally and physically prepared to try their hardest, maintain a positive attitude, and encourage their teammates. Team athletes are also expected to be courteous and positive members of the climbing community both inside and outside of practice.

Equipment and Apparel

Athletes are expected to have their own harness, shoes, and chalk bag. Those 14 and older are highly encouraged to have their own Petzl Gri-Gri belay device. All athletes should consult their coach about the need for multiple climbing shoes for training and competing. Having multiple shoes for different terrain is often encouraged but not always necessary. All competitive team athletes will receive a jersey which they are expected to wear at competitions. Additional team apparel will be available for purchase throughout each season.

Team Schedule

The Team will be training for the USAC Bouldering season September through January, and the Sport/Speed season February through mid-June. These seasons may be extended if athletes qualify for Divisionals and/or Nationals. No practices are held on Bozeman Public School Holidays or Breaks. However, practices will be held on all PIR days.

Competition Requirements

Recreational athletes have the option to attend competitions, but it is not required. Members of the PreComp and Comp Teams are required to participate in qualification events in order to qualify and compete in the Regional, Divisional and National Championships. Our coaches see competition as a chance to test the skills we have learned in practice in a unique environment. We often learn a lot about the kids at competitions that we may not discern at regular practices.

USA Climbing Membership

To compete in USAC competitions athletes must have an active USAC membership prior to their first competition.  To purchase and for more information on USAC Memberships, go to  Competitor memberships are required for competing in championship events.

Travel and Transportation

Athletes are responsible for travel and accommodations for each competition.

Additional Fees

    • USA Climbing Membership 
    • Qualification Event Entry Fees
    • Travel expenses
    • Additional Team Apparel (TBD)
    • Regional Championship Entry Fee
    • Divisional Competition Entry Fee
    • National Competition Entry Fee

Policy Information:

  • Missed Practices: BCT athletes are required to notify our program manager of expected absences due to illnesses, injury or personal reasons. Athletes are encouraged to consult with their coaches for missed workouts as makeup practice sessions are not offered. Regardless of the reason for absence, participants are encouraged to utilize their memberships on their own time in place of makeups. An excess of absences may necessitate a review of team placement.
  • Membership and Gear Discounts:  All BCT athletes are required to have an active membership. Additionally, participants receive 15% off all retail climbing gear.
  • Food/Drink and Account Invoicing: If your child needs a snack before class, please make sure they arrive in time to finish their snack before class starts. Spire offers an assortment of snacks that can be purchased or invoiced to your child's account. If you would like your child to be able to invoice snacks to their account please let us know so we can note it on their account. Invoiced snack products will be billed during our normal monthly billing cycle.
  • Billing and Payment Policy: Our programs are designed for year-round participation; we bill fixed monthly dues each month regardless of the total of classes held that month. Payment will be by monthly automatic withdrawal (EFT). We will put your credit or debit card on file and automatically charge you at the beginning of the month, and then e-mail an invoice to you. Please note, you will need to call or stop by to put your payment information on file for monthly billing.
  • Cancellation: We require a two-week's notice to cancel out of the team. This allows us time to fill your child's spot with another eager climber. To cancel your child's enrollment please contact our coaches at
  • Scholarships and Reduced Fees: Scholarships may be available on a limited basis. To apply submit an application here. Spire also offers reduced fees for a few participants 14 and older who are able to help belay for our younger team and youth programs. To inquire, please contact our coaches at