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About AJ

AJ has a comprehensive background in biomechanics, sports performance, and exercise physiology. He is able to provide individualized, comprehensive, and specific coaching for all levels of climbing athletes. AJ has been able to present locally, nationally, and internationally within the climbing profession and community speaking to a variety of topics regarding injury mitigation, coaching, and training. He is also a member of the Climb Strong Coaching Team where he is able to work with and collaborate in all aspects coaching, training, and teaching with the community's top professionals.

 AJ’s coaching philosophy is anchored in the pursuit of long-term athletic and climbing development. Pursuing this through a foundation of strength and progressive skill development that harbors long term consistency. A consistency that is essential for improvement within training phases, season after season, and year after year. Striving to help you become the best possible version of yourself.


  • Movement and strength training
  • Practice and technique drills
  • Movement analysis and beta analysis
  • Red point tactics and mental preparation
  • Hangboard training
  • Climbing Specific Performance Assessment
  • Among a variety of other unique and specific tools depending on the context to of each athletes needs


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist 
  • Certified Performance Climbing Coach
  • Member of the Climb Strong Coaching Team

Services and Rates:

  • Hourly Coaching - $150/hr
    • Climbing Performance Assessment Consultation
    • Climbing Skills and Drills Training Session
  • Custom Training Programs
    • Month to Month Custom Training and Programming - $275
    • 3 Month (12wks) Custom Training and Programming - $750 

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Customer Testimonials:

Becky S.

“Credentials only get you so far. The same could be said for experience. But when you combine both of these and add a continual exploration into all things climbing (training, injury mitigation, tactics, etc) you get an individual who is a wealth of knowledge, primed to assist others."