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About Esther

As a licensed Physical Therapist in Wyoming, Utah, and Montana, Esther has built an impressive career in physical therapy and athletic development. Studying at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Esther completed her Honors Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and subsequent Doctorate in Physical Therapy, before moving onto ventures specializing in injury recovery, and athletic coaching. Since 2015, Esther has owned and lead Grassroots Physical Therapy, where she practices her own style combining manual therapy, specific exercise, and strength and conditioning to help her clients return to high performance and resolve injuries.  Additionally, while employed through Samsara Mountain Experience, Esther has used her background in PT to develop an impressive training methodology, with templated and customized training plans, that all aim to transform athleticism and rehabilitate injuries. You can find Esther practicing physical therapy in Bozeman at Health In Motion PT + Wellness


  • Injury prevention
  • Movement, strength, and endurance training
  • Practice and technique drills
  • Movement analysis
  • Restorative exercise
  • Nutritional therapy 
  • Anatomy Trains Myofascial Release and Myofascial Balancing training


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy - University of Utah, SLC
  • Honors BS, Exercise Science - University of Utah, SLC
  • BLS/CPR/First Aid Public Health Certificate
  • Intermediate Level Pilates Instructor since 2018
  • Mckenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy since 2013
  • Black Diamond Equipment Athlete Team PT 
  • Outside Magazine contributor, Training and Performance columnist

Services and Rates: 

  • Hourly Coaching - $130/hr
    • Climbing Performance Assessment Consultation
    • Injury Prevention Tactics:  Movement Instruction On & Off The Wall
    • Full Spectrum Strength & Endurance Training:  Biomechanics, Well-timed Coordination & Springy Elasticity
    • Climbing Skills and Drills Training Session
  • Individual Programing - Rate varies by plan and customization.  Please submit a inquiry below for pricing.
    • Program includes Samsara training plans that are customized for each individual plus hourly training each month as desired.
  • Private Group Coaching - $35/hr/person or $160/6-week series (4-6 people)
    • Can be offered in individual sessions or multiweek sessions


For more information on Esther, and her training philosophy check out her site HERE


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Customer Testimonials:

Eliza E, Bozeman

Esther Smith, is hands-down, the most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with over the years, supporting my athletic pursuits in a manner that prioritizes foundational strength first, so that the entire body is conditioned and ready to build upon. Her attentiveness to correct movement, posture and alignment ensure to guard against injury. As a trainer, Esther has also worked with my daughter who is on the comp team at Spire, to overcome a shoulder injury. Her approach, different from other trainers we have worked with, has allowed my daughter to gain strength, keep climbing, and climb pain-free. Bozeman is so lucky to have Esther, and the Spire community, doubly-so.

Nathan K, on the road

Esther has been a critical part of my climbing journey over the past year. When we first began working together, I was not sure I would be able to climb at all without surgery first, but she developed an amazing and achievable plan to get me back to action and now I am climbing the hardest I ever have. She worked with me through every phase of injury and performance - from pain management to strengthening to executing. She takes a different approach than most standard trainers, focusing on science-backed approaches and natural, functional exercises. I would not be where I am today without Esther's help!

Jake K.

Esther is both a brilliant trainer and a gifted physiotherapist. She has guided me through several injuries over the last couple of years and she has also designed inspired climbing training programs for me. And, although I ain’t no pro crusher, Esther always makes me feel like a serious athlete. Plus—she’s a fun and rad human!