Evolv Climbing Shoes

Evolv Climbing Shoes


Founded in 2003 and straight out of California, Evolv is the leading domestic retailer for climbing shoes in the United States. With partnerships with top climbers such as Chris Sharma, Alex Johnson, Daniel Woods, and Ashima Shiraishi, Evolv produces great shoes for all types of rock climbing. Evolv shoes are often known for their higher volume fits, and comfortable designs. Over half of Evolv's shoe lineup are made from vegan-friendly materials, thanks to their "Synthratex VX" synthetic material which allows the shoe to maintain its shape for longer, while not harming any animals in the production process. If Daniel Wood's ascent of "Return of the Sleepwalker" V17 inspires your climbing, check out our offerings of Evolv climbing shoes at Spire's retail shop! 


The Evolv Zenist climbing shoe that excels at steep and technical climbing that requires confident smears and sensitive footwork. Described as medium volume, the Zenist has a comfortable fit often difficult to come by on aggressively shaped shoes. Proficient in all styles of gym climbing, the Zenist is a shoe that can also excel at outdoor climbs, whether it involves clipping up a sport route, or thugging your way up a burly boulder. 

Zenist LV

A very cool aspect of the Evolv Zenist climbing shoe is that it also comes in a low-volume model for those who have smaller feet. The original Zenist has quite a voluminous toebox, so by releasing the LV (Low-volume) model, Evolv covers all its bases for those who want the performance of the Zenist but may not have the perfect foot for the original model. Sporting a different color-scheme for maximum style points, the Zenist LV is a great indoor and outdoor climbing shoe available at the Spire retail shop! 


Designed for every discipline of climbing, the Evolv Geshido climbing shoe excels on all terrain types such as vertical, off-vertical, and burly overhang climbing. Constructed with vegan material, the Geshido will hold its fit for longer than leather counterparts due to lack of stretching. With a downturned and asymmetrical profile, the Geshido is a great shoe for those working on V4+ or 5.10+ routes in the gym or on real rock.  


A wonderful beginner women's climbing shoe, the Evolv Elektra offers comfort and performance for a narrow and lower volume foot. If you are new to climbing and want to put in hours of work on your new hobby, check out the Elektra's in the Spire retails store for the perfect fit and a great price point!


A best selling beginner and intermediate shoe, the Evolv Defy climbing shoe offers low asymmetry and medium volume fits. Perfect for a new climber adjusting to the sport, the Defy's will offer a fit that does not crush your toes and allows you to climb to your hearts content while experiencing the satisfying learning curve of being new to climbing. Synthetic material ensures the fit remains out of the box, with minimal stretching. We offer this shoe as part of our Beginner's package at Spire.