Spire Team

Kim Lemke

Program Manager - Employee since 2015

Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Kim grew up loving snow, rock, and anything outdoors.  She learned to ski and backpack as soon as she could walk but didn’t find rock climbing until college.  Sitting in freshman orientation, she signed up for “Rock Climbing 101” just for fun.  She fell in love and went on to work at SteepWorld in Billings and spend countless hours on the sandstone bluffs surrounding the city.   Coming to Bozeman in 2015 for the outdoor recreation that it provides, she now is stoked to keep exploring the local crags and play on some ice this winter.

 Favorite Climbs: I'll Tell You What's Cool (Cody, WY), Brown Sugar (Billings, MT), Beer Bong (Ten Sleep, WY), anything that takes you high up in da mountains

Shauna Yahraes

Operations Manager - Employee since 2015

Shauna grew up near Seattle (why she sounds like she’s from Minnesota, no one knows) but decided early on that she wanted to live in Montana. She moved to Bozeman after high school, started a family, and was bitten by the climbing bug later than most. Determined to learn the sport, she would climb alone late at night, bumbling her way up boulder problems with her headphones in. Her life now revolves around her kids, cats, and plants.

Favorite routes: The Ladder (best V2 ever - Mt. Evans, CO), Flyhedral (Madison River), Wu-tang’s Wild Shinto Ride (Ten Sleep, WY).

Nick Wandzilak

Head Setter, Head Comp Team Coach - Employee since 2014

If it wasn't the whiskey, then it sure was that sweet southern sandstone that made this wayward Kentuckian fall in love with rock climbing. For 20 years, rock climbing has been a significant part of his life whether it's climbing outside or grabbing plastic. Eventually, he learned that he could put that plastic wherever his heart desired, and thus began his journey as a setter.  While he loves climbing on steep walls, he also have a deep respect for the less than vertical.

Charlie Firer

Retail/Membership Manager - Employee since 2018

Charlie grew up in Wisconsin where he was fortunate enough to have a climbing team at his high school. After competing for a year, he got a job working at the climbing gym at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and guided weekend climbing trips. After realizing his love for climbing and slacklining couldn’t be satiated by the small crags in the flat-lands of the Midwest, he decided to move to Colorado. There, he spent as much time as possible honing his skills in bouldering, sport climbing, and highlining. Charlie moved to Bozeman in 2016 to explore new mountain ranges and meet new people.   

Charlie’s favorite types of climbs involve long days in the mountains often combining running and alpine climbing. Ultimately, he enjoys moving quickly through the mountains and utilizing all the skills he has acquired from many different disciplines. Although climbing will always be a part of Charlie’s life, he enjoys a wide variety of other activities ranging from back country skiing to trail runningslacklining, and yoga. 

Favorite climbs: Grand Traverse (but really just the Cathedral Traverse section) [Tetons], Cirque Traverse [Wind River Range], Mala Fama [Mexico] 

Wolf Porter

Instruction Coordinator, Customer Specialist - Employee since 2021

In college Wolf discovered his love for climbing where he completed his Outdoor Pursuits Program, taking students into the backcountry. This is where he fostered his love of teaching and sharing the outdoors with others. After college Wolf and his partner jumped into their custom built van with their dog “Dude” traveling the US in search of endless climbing and skiing. Since then climbing has taken him to different places all over the world including Japan, Peru and Vietnam. Wolf enjoys teaching others and hopes to share his love for climbing and the outdoors with everyone.

Favorite Climbs: Longer climbs in the mountains with friends that involve a significant amount of free climbing with air benefit your feet. Climbs that teach you something about yourself that can be shared with good company. Clipping bolts is pretty nice too.

Joe Calles

Assistant Manager, Routesetter - Employee since 2021

Originally from the Chicagoland area, Joe has lived all over the US including Alaska. His passion for climbing started in High School, quickly climbing as often as he could in places like The Red River Gorge and Devils Lake. Having started his outdoor climbing experience on quartzite, Joe developed a soft spot for southern sandstone climbing. When not climbing you most likely find Joe bartending or playing games with friends.

Favorite Climbs: Orange Juice and Amarillo Sunset (RRG,KY) Heroin (Stone Fort, TN) Millipede (HP40, AL)

Ryan Worden

Marketing Manager - Employee since 2022

Originally hailing from the frigid northlands of Montreal, Canada, (Go Habs!) Ryan began climbing at the age of 20 after his college roommate floated the idea to go to a climbing gym one day. After a couple years only climbing in the gym, Ryan began to venture outdoors when he moved to Vermont to areas like Smuggler's Notch and Mt. Rumney. Moving to Bozeman in 2018 to ski instruct at Bridger Bowl, Ryan fell in love with the local climbing and decided to stay. When not in Spire, Ryan can be found skiing at Bridger Bowl, climbing with friends at the local crags, and spending time with his dog Ruby. 

Favorite climbs: Gigarette (Yankee Jim), High Exposure (Gunks), Pandemic (Joe's), Will's Afire (Joe's)

Sarah Buczek

Yoga/Fitness Coordinator- Employee since 2019

Sarah Buczek, RYT 200, was born on the east-coast beaches of Fairfield, Connecticut. She pursued her yoga certification back in 2013 after receiving a teaching scholarship from a New York City based studio. Sarah's passion for fitness branches out into various other classes, such as TRX and Cycling.

Izzy Goodacre

Bozeman Climbing Team Coach, Customer Specialist - Employee since 2017

Izzy grew up climbing competitively in Colorado from the age of 8 through 17, but eventually her interest was shifted towards skiing, which brought her to Bozeman in 2016. While studying at MSU, she began coaching BCT to keep climbing in her life and pass on her knowledge of competition climbing. You can now find Izzy falling off her mountain bike, crashing on her skis, or flailing up sport climbs. 

Favorite Climbs: Izzy doesn’t remember the names of any of her favorite climbs because she was a wee child when she climbed all of them.

Zac Vincent

Facility Maintenance Operations - Employee since 2018

Zac grew up outside of Washington D.C. and began climbing at Carderock as a teen. After high school he moved to Boulder where his passion for bouldering took off. In 2012 he moved to Bozeman, which coincided with a break from climbing for a few years. His favorite discipline is still bouldering. Outside of climbing he enjoys spending time with his partner, family and cat.

Favorite Climbs: Scuzlocks, Pocket Rocket, The Angler pre-glassy foot, The Ladder, Tommy's Arete, The Kind, Center and Left El Murray, Backdoor Man, Mushroom Roof, Babyface, Bloodline, Fun Bags, Try Angular, Puddle Jumper, Sarah Failin', I <3 Jugs, The Classic, Sunny and Steep, Feel the Pinch, Cole's Corner, Breadline and Breadline (Variation), The Surfboard, Twisted.

Hailey Hosken

Graphic Designer, Instructor, Routesetter - Employee since 2013

Hailey was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where she cultivated a love for anything outdoors.  She started climbing in 2010 upon arriving in Bozeman and immediately was hooked on the physicality and mentality of the sport.  In addition to climbing, Hailey enjoys long distance trail running, mountain biking, nordic and alpine skiing, and spending time in the mountains. If she isn't spending time outside, you can find usually find her cuddled up  with a mug of tea or in the kitchen baking her legendary chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite Climbs: She loves long moderate trad routes and summiting desert towers in Moab, but around Montana her favorite areas are the Gallatin Canyon and the Northern Bridgers.  Her favorite route is The Mutt and Jeff at Humbug Spires.

Kevin Lindlau

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2018

Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, climbing was not on Kevin’s radar until moving to Durango Colorado to attend Fort Lewis College. With a plethora of climbing around town it was hard not to get involved into the sport. For the first two years of living in Colorado he dabbled in all forms of rock climbing, highlining, skiing, snow kayaking, you name it. It wasn’t until he met Marcus Garcia and was shown the world of Ice Climbing that he found his true passion. After his first season on ice, he decided to train and compete in the fantastic world of mixed climbing. This lead to an addiction in dry tooling that is still burning today. Kevin helps coach the USA Youth Ice team with Marcus Garcia and recently moved to Bozeman where he hopes to get more youth climbers involved in the sport. You won’t see him rock climbing often, but more likely dangling upside down on a pair of ice tools training for the Ice climbing World Cups.

Favorite Climbs: Jedi Mind Tricks (CO), Zero to Hero (CO), Anything dry tooling!

Mike Allen

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2021

Growing up in Sedona, Arizona, Mike spent most of his free time outdoors hiking and mountain biking(with the occasional vortex drum circle attendance). Having a taste for adventure as a kid, he quickly learned the valuable lesson of if you want to climb something, be sure to have a plan to get back down. Soon after moving to Bozeman in 2017, Mike reconnected with climbing after years out of the game by signing up for a beginner package at spire and has been in love with the sport ever since. 

Favorite Climbs: Flake fest, physical development, endless summer, schools out, Hiroshima, The fin, bee yourself.

Shelby Knecht

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2021

I grew up in Ennis Montana and moved to Bozeman when I was 16. I didn't get into climbing until this year (January 2021). A friend took me bouldering to Pipestone once and from there I found myself spending all my money and time on climbing. Dancing used to be a big part of my life and a lot of the technique and movement has translated so nicely into my climbing.

I love to read Stephen King and hang out with my pup, Daisy, when I'm not climbing or working. She's a great crag dog and my very best friend.

Favorite Climbs: I can't say if I have a favorite designated climb yet but my favorite types of climbing include slab and balance-y moves, dihedral climbing, and corners/aretes. I love throwing a good heel hook or just high feet through all my problems. Bear Canyon is for sure a classic favorite crag but the City of Rocks is pretty rad as well.

Andre Stockwell

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2021

Andre grew up in Denver, Colorado and first tried climbing at the young age of 13 and hated it, preferring  to keep two feet on the ground to hike 14ers and ski. Then, moving to Bozeman for college, he took up indoor bouldering which made him fall in love with the sport. He now climbs frequently in the gym where he also does more bicep curls than everyone else. 

Favorite Climbs: The Purple Pocket V6 On The Overhang and Jedi Mind Tricks (CO)

Ian Stewart

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2021

Ian grew up in Cleveland, Ohio spending most of his free time hunting, fishing or just as outside as you could get in the city.  He moved to Bozeman in 2018 to study at MSU and found climbing through the campus gym. Since then he has only fallen more in love with climbing. He spends most of his free time at Spire working out or climbing and on occasion will send something kinda of cool. 

Favorite Climb: Flake Fest Direct

Kel Sheridan

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2021

In June of 2021 Kel moved from Chicago to Bozeman to start school at MSU. Kel’s background is in gymnastics and American ninja warrior training, but discovered climbing after getting to Bozeman. Kel is now super stoked on climbing, and pretty much lives at Spire.

Favorite Climb: Black corner (Hyalite), and any route at Spire with the green pinches