Spire Team

Ty Morrison-Heath

Gym/Marketing Manager - Employee since 2008

Ty began climbing on the loose choss of the Turnagin Arm outside of Anchorage, Alaska at the tender age of 13. At age 14, he got his first trad rack consisting of 7 hexes and 10 nuts and began leading every choss pile around, and in the process scaring the ever living crap out of himself and his partners. After breaking more holds than he can count, Ty moved to Bozeman in 2005 and found that climbing didn't have to feel like a life or death situation on every outing. Ty has been living in Bozeman and climbing on the Gneissic rock of Gallatin Canyon ever since. His other hobbies include 18 hour days outside, running till his legs give out, and photography.

Favorite Climbs:  Ty loves the Gallatin Canyon and anything longer than 1 pitch. Favorite climbs are like choosing favorite children, but he is partial to Solar Slab (14 pitches, 5.6 hand crack) in Red Rocks and slab climbs in the Northern Bridgers.

Kim Lemke

Program Manager - Employee since 2016

Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Kim grew up loving snow, rock, and anything outdoors.  She learned to ski and backpack as soon as she could walk but didn’t find rock climbing until college.  Sitting in freshman orientation, she signed up for “Rock Climbing 101” just for fun.  She fell in love and went on to work at SteepWorld in Billings and spend countless hours on the sandstone bluffs surrounding the city.   Coming to Bozeman in 2015 for the outdoor recreation that it provides, she now is stoked to keep exploring the local crags and play on some ice this winter.

 Favorite Climbs: Brown Sugar (Billings, MT), Beer Bong (Ten Sleep Canyon)

Shauna Yahraes

Operations Manager - Employee since 2015

Shauna grew up near Seattle (why she sounds like she’s from Minnesota, no one knows) but decided early on that she wanted to live in Montana. She moved to Bozeman after high school, started a family, and was bitten by the climbing bug later than most. Determined to learn the sport, she would climb alone late at night, bumbling her way up boulder problems with her headphones in. Her life now revolves around her kids, cats, and plants.

Favorite routes: The Ladder (best V2 ever - Mt. Evans, CO), Flyhedral (Madison River), Wu-tang’s Wild Shinto Ride (Ten Sleep, WY).

Nick Wandzilak

Head Setter, Head Comp Team Coach - Employee since 2014

If it wasn't the whiskey, then it sure was that sweet southern sandstone that made this wayward Kentuckian fall in love with rock climbing. For 20 years, rock climbing has been a significant part of his life whether it's climbing outside or grabbing plastic. Eventually, he learned that he could put that plastic wherever his heart desired, and thus began his journey as a setter.  While he loves climbing on steep walls, he also have a deep respect for the less than vertical.

Charlie Firer

Assistant Shop Buyer, Customer Specialist - Employee since 2018

Charlie grew up in Wisconsin where he was fortunate enough to have a climbing team at his high school. After competing for a year, he got a job working at the climbing gym at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and guided weekend climbing trips. After realizing his love for climbing and slacklining couldn’t be satiated by the small crags in the flat-lands of the Midwest, he decided to move to Colorado. There, he spent as much time as possible honing his skills in bouldering, sport climbing, and highlining. Charlie moved to Bozeman in 2016 to explore new mountain ranges and meet new people.   

Charlie’s favorite types of climbs involve long days in the mountains often combining running and alpine climbing. Ultimately, he enjoys moving quickly through the mountains and utilizing all the skills he has acquired from many different disciplines. Although climbing will always be a part of Charlie’s life, he enjoys a wide variety of other activities ranging from back country skiing to trail runningslacklining, and yoga. 

Favorite climbs: Grand Traverse (but really just the Cathedral Traverse section) [Tetons], Cirque Traverse [Wind River Range], Mala Fama [Mexico] 

Taylor Fragomeni

Setter, Team Coach - Employee since 2013

Taylor got her start trad climbing in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY. When she moved to Bozeman in 2011, she began bouldering and sport climbing and learned how to pull on plastic in the gym. She loves to climb precarious technasty slab and anything involving body tension and is notorious for testing technical prowess and route-reading skills with her routesetting. Taylor loves that climbing presents both a mental and physical challenge and credits the sport with teaching her several lessons in trust, confidence, and risk management. On her rare days off from climbing, she can be found trail running, cooking, or curled up with a good book.

Favorite Climbs: Irukandji Syndrome at Natural Bridge, Byline at Bozeman Pass, Honey Bear in El Salto, and Dances with Cows in Ten Sleep.

Hailey Hosken

Graphic Designer, Instructor, Routesetter - Employee since 2013

Hailey was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where she cultivated a love for anything outdoors.  She started climbing in 2010 upon arriving in Bozeman and immediately was hooked on the physicality and mentality of the sport.  In addition to climbing, Hailey enjoys long distance trail running, mountain biking, nordic and alpine skiing, and spending time in the mountains. If she isn't spending time outside, you can find usually find her cuddled up  with a mug of tea or in the kitchen baking her legendary chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite Climbs: She loves long moderate trad routes and summiting desert towers in Moab, but around Montana her favorite areas are the Gallatin Canyon and the Northern Bridgers.  Her favorite route is The Mutt and Jeff at Humbug Spires.

Parker Webb

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2017

Parker grew up in Bozeman where he was fortunate enough to learn to climb through Montana Mountaineering Association's Junior Mountaineering Team. Outside of climbing, Parker spends as much time as he can in Nepal, where he works for The Oda Foundation and trips over his tongue trying to speak Nepali. Parker is always trying to cook new Nepali recipes or make boatfuls of samosas, while reading about political ecology and prepping for grad school.

Favorite climbs:
I'll Tell You What's Cool
Trial By Fire
Zach Attack

Andrew Lamb

Instructor - Employee since 2017

Andrew grew up in the small town of Worland, Wy. Climbing was a foreign activity to a rural ranch kid and being only a few minutes’ drive from the world class destination of Ten Sleep Canyon, he was hooked. Dreaming of big mountains and big city lights he traded his horse for a pair of skis at the border and hasn’t looked back. His passion for science and stoke climbing brought him to MSU where he is currently studying physics. His first season in Bozeman he learned to ice climb while working for MSU’s Outdoor Rec Program, this aspect of climbing becoming his main forte. Now he divides his time between work at Spire, Instructing for the Outdoor Rec Program, and getting outside. 

Favorite Climbs: Anything with frozen water, preferably after a ten-mile hike. The Waltz, Gallatin Canyon, MT Durance route, Bears Lodge, WY

Katie McKinstry

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2018

Coming from Idaho, Katie grew up with her life revolving around horses until 2015. After a change of direction she started to look for a new sport and hobby. That was when she climbed at a rock gym for the first time and has been climbing ever since. She has recently made the move to Bozeman from Boise, Idaho. After two seasons of ice climbing in Hyalite, and with the promise of cold weather for months and big mountains close to home she couldn't resist. Though she loves to rock climb, her passion in the climbing world is ice and big glaciated mountains. Being fairly new to climbing, Katie loves the learning aspect that comes with each person you meet in the climbing community and the way the sport revolves around partnership and physical effort. When Katie isn't climbing, you can find her out riding horses, bikes, skiing and enjoying time hiking on the trails. 

Favorite Climbs: The North Ridge of Mt Baker (Washington), Potsach (Moab, UT) and anything with frozen water!

Harrison Lewis

Customer Specialist - Employee since 2018

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Harrison didn’t have many opportunities to pursue climbing other than pulling plastic at the local gym. After several trips to the Rocky Mountains he decided to move out west. He participated in a 65 day NOLS expedition that only made his desire to be in the mountains deeper, and more personal. While loving any style of climbing, his passion lies in the alpine, taking whatever time he can to swing tools into ice, rock, and everything in between. Some of his favorite days in the mountains were spent huddled in a tent in the middle of a storm. 

Harrison is also pursuing guiding education with the American Mountain Guides Association and is currently a Single Pitch Instructor. He is also a Wilderness EMT and a Leave No Trace Master Educator. When not in the mountains, you can find him daydreaming about long, committing routes, or reading about the same routes he’s dreamt about. 

Favorite Climbs: The Grand Teton (Jackson, WY), Eldorado peak (N Cascades, Washington), The Good Lookin’ One (Hyalite Canyon), and any multi-pitch trad climb.

Kevin Lindlau

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2018

Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, climbing was not on Kevin’s radar until moving to Durango Colorado to attend Fort Lewis College. With a plethora of climbing around town it was hard not to get involved into the sport. For the first two years of living in Colorado he dabbled in all forms of rock climbing, highlining, skiing, snow kayaking, you name it. It wasn’t until he met Marcus Garcia and was shown the world of Ice Climbing that he found his true passion. After his first season on ice, he decided to train and compete in the fantastic world of mixed climbing. This lead to an addiction in dry tooling that is still burning today. Kevin helps coach the USA Youth Ice team with Marcus Garcia and recently moved to Bozeman where he hopes to get more youth climbers involved in the sport. You won’t see him rock climbing often, but more likely dangling upside down on a pair of ice tools training for the Ice climbing World Cups.

Favorite Climbs: Jedi Mind Tricks (CO), Zero to Hero (CO), Anything dry tooling!

Nadav Oakes

Advanced Instruction - Employee since 2018

Nadav was born and raised in Israel. Prior to moving to the US, he guided climbing, mountaineering, and canyoneering throughout the region. He taught and trained rescue units and military rescue and special ops teams, and he worked and taught industrial rope access and rigging. Nadav spent a large portion of his free time during those years exploring new areas for climbing and canyoneering in Jordan, adding yet another region to his guiding repertoire and ultimately writing a guidebook to Moab, Jordan. Since coming to the US, Nadav has instructed climbing and mountaineering for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and he has guided for Alaska Mountaineering School (AMS), Jackson Hole Mountain Guides (JHMG), and Montana Alpine Guides (MAG). Nadav enjoys doing anything in the vertical realm, from industrial rope access work to scaling granite big walls in Yosemite. Nadav's personal climbing trips and work have taken him across the globe; he has worked and/or climbed in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. He is currently based out of Bozeman, Montana, and is available for guiding locally and abroad.

Zander Esh

Customer Specialist, Instructor - Employee since 2019

Zander was born in Madison, Wisconsin and started climbing in his local gym at the age of 13. He quickly became addicted to the sport and joined the gym's climbing team in an effort to excel at it. While he enjoyed competition climbing, Zander found that outdoor climbing quickly became more fulfilling. This shift was solidified during his first trip down to Red River Gorge in Kentucky at the age of 14. Since then he's returned to the Red at least once a year, enraptured by the steep, aesthetic climbing to be found there. Zander came to Bozeman for school and still tries to balance a competitive climbing schedule with his schoolwork to varying degrees of success. He still tries to get outside to climb as much as he can and looks forward to digging into the hard climbing that the area has to offer. 

Favorite climbs: Gold Rush (KY), Thug Life (KY), Whiskey a Go-Go (WI)

Sarah Buczek

Customer Specialist, Yoga/Fitness Instructor - Employee since 2019

Sarah Buczek was born on the east-coast beaches of Fairfield, Connecticut. She moved to Bozeman about three years ago and, despite missing her toes in the coastal sand, thrives off the active lifestyle our Montana mountains have to offer. Sarah has a passion for fitness which branches out into various hobbies such as mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running and yoga. In addition, Sarah has an eclectic background coming all the way from the Veterinary world, transitioning to Spire and gearing up for the future pursuit of a Master's degree in counseling! Sarah absolutely loves learning about everyone she meets, so never be afraid to say "hi" at the front desk or attend one of her classes offered at Spire!

Favorite Climbs: Boulder Problems in Leavenworth, and the crimpy classics of Hellgate Canyon.

Haydn Stewart

Customer Specialist - Employee since 2019

Hadyn was born and raised in Federal Way, Washington and began climbing when he moved to Bozeman five years ago. He began climbing with friends in the gym and quickly realized how gratifying it was. When applying what he developed in the gym to outside, he found that the real enjoyment of climbing was simply being outside and challenging himself against what the rocks had to offer. He prefers bouldering because it offers difficult, unique movement, and hauling pads to strange places. Hadyn tries to get outside as much as he can,  and goes on trips a few times a year to see beautiful new rock (to him) and places. He belives Bozeman is a great place to be that offers many diciplines of climbing. 

Favorite Climbs: The Sadness, Mister Witty, Tick Tick Boom, Bowling ball