Our fitness area has all the tools a climber needs to build their fitness.  Whether its strength training, cardio, or climbing-specific system training, we have the tools and equipment necessary to increase your fitness.  Our workout area is equipped with a Rogue Fitness Monster rack which has ample space for multiple people to workout simultaneously, with ad-ons that allow for pull-ups, dips, rings, squats, benches and more.  We also have a multitude of free weights, medicine balls, therapy/resistance bands, and kettlebells, with a large open area devoted to training with these devices.  Our other equipment includes an assisted pull-up machine, core training platform, and cable machine.  For the climber looking to up their game, we have a climbing specific area that features hang boards, a system wall, campus board, weight vests, and other useful climbing specific training tools.  Our cardio area, which is located on a balcony overlooking the 50ft climbing walls, is host to ellipticals, treadmills, spinning bikes, and a Concept 2 rower.  Our fitness area is geared up for any training program that you wish to undertake, with ample space and plenty of equipment to get in your ideal workout.

Fitness Class Offerings (May 15th - July 31st)

  • Strength Training - Need that heavy lifting day or that extra push in your workout? Come play around with functional movements, building balance and coordination and adding that extra edge to your training to ensure definition and tone.
  • Athletic Conditioning - Kettlebells? Check. TRX? Check. Bands? Check. Cardio?.... Probably. This class is perfect for all fitness levels and fitness goals. Starting from the very basics we will work to build a solid exercise and fitness foundation that you can implement in-class, in competition, at home, on vacation, or wherever life takes you. Whether you are training to be the next American Ninja Warrior, trying to get yoked, or just wanting to improve your strength and cardio-vascular fitness, this class is designed to get you on track to succeed

  • Core Blast - Combining 30 minutes of a Core Circuit with 15 minutes of Cool Down and stretching, this class is sure to make you sweat and complete your workout routine. Open to all fitness levels

  • TRX (Suspension Weight Training) - Work with your own bodyweight to take functional exercises to the next level, building strength, agility and balance with the support of a TRX strap to ensure stability and the right amount of difficulty for you! Open to all levels of fitness!



Fitness Class Pricing

  • $15/class drop-in rate.  Sign up online above or stop by our front desk before class to pay for a class, no preregistration required
  • Free for members, no preregistration required
  • Free for day pass purchasers, no preregistration required

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any suitable classes for first-timers or beginners?

Absolutely, our TRX and Bootcamp classes can be made as easy or as hard as you desire, with our talented instructors there to help you get the most out of your session.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit will start by filling out a waiver and getting checked in by our front desk. Our studio is upstairs, and all the studio gear (weights, TRX straps, etc.) are free for you to borrow. Our instructors will ask you about any injuries or requested poses before the class begins to help tailor the session to your needs.

Can I climb and do a fitness class on the same day pass?

Yep, you can even take a fitness class in the morning and come back later in the day to climb.

Are Fitness classes included in your memberships?

Yep, unlimited fitness classes are included in any of our memberships.

Our Instructors

Sarah B. - Yoga/Fitness Coordinator - RYT 200

Sarah Buczek, RYT 200, was born on the east-coast beaches of Fairfield, Connecticut. She pursued her yoga certification back in 2013 after receiving a teaching scholarship from a New York City based studio. Sarah's passion for fitness branches out into various other classes, such as TRX and Cycling.   

Levi Schwarz

Levi is originally from Bend, Oregon. He has a diverse athletic resume including but not limited to:
 -US Naval Academy Varsity Heavyweight Rowing
 -MSU Boxing Club
 -High School Club Lacrosse Coach
 -Intro Nordic Ski Coach
 -2.5 years involved in Military Training
 -Also some time as a cattle rancher

Despite his intimidating experience, Levi is actually just a big teddy bear who really enjoys long walks on the beach and helping people set and achieve their fitness goals through his well rounded, full-body, circuit based classes.