Our Instructors

Abby W.

Abby grew up in Bozeman, Montana. Her yoga journey started during her freshman year of
college. Yoga was a natural transition from her dance background, flowing and creating
movement through self expression. Abby continued a dedicated practice for the next 6 years,
then started her journey at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health during the summer of 2016
where she received her 200 hr YTT. Abby enjoys teaching a variety of different styles of yoga
including Kripalu flow and a slow flow restorative class. Kripalu flow focuses on breath and
alignment while building heat. Her slow flow restorative class invites students to slow down
while working on flexibility and mobility. All of Abby’s classes start with intentional pranayama
and meditation, as well as allowing time for meditation at the end of class. She incorporates
aromatherapy as a tool to arrive presently on the mat. Abby is fascinated with the mind-body
connection yoga allows by cultivating mindfulness as a way to heal on a mental and physical
level. She is most passionate about providing a safe space for students to explore this concept
of meditation through movement.

Angela D.

My love affair with yoga really began once I realized how much it positively impacted all my other hobbies. I’ve felt the impacts in my focus, injury prevention, summer and winter activities.  My background and training is in a Bikram style hot yoga and I am a true believer that everyone can find a yoga style that works for them. 

Jane W.

Peace, Relaxation and Bliss throughout life is my goal for everyone!  Yoga is a great way to empower yourself to create your highest potential, no matter your activity level.  My yoga instructionfocuses on symmetrical joint stability and mobility to facilitate doing all the activity you want for as long as you want, without injury.  I am a practicing physical therapist and understand what it takes to keep joints healthy and injury free.   Teaching here at the Spire is a wonderful way for me to combine my long time activities and passions of rock climbing and yoga with overall wellness and health.

I have been a certified 200 RYT Instructor since 2011 and studying for my 500 ERYT.  Certifications are with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Fit.  I teach Hatha Vinyasa Alignment flow, Power yoga , and Restorative yoga.

I am Board Certified Physical Therapist working in an Outpatient setting for the last 12 years and enjoy integrating yoga into my practice.

Imagine it; then create it!

Kaitlin K.

Kaitlin began practicing yoga while attending college in Florida in 2006, exploring different styles on and off for 5 years. During the next few years yoga became a constant as she moved from the Caribbean to Maui, back to the Virgin Islands to Portland, OR and finally home to Montana. As the landscapes, cultures, and experiences changed she was able to turn to yoga for a grounding connection and a way to find depth with her fitness, flexibility, and spirituality. Being drawn towards the flow of vinyasa style yoga, she completed her 200-hour training with Corepower Yoga of Portland, Oregon in August of 2014.

A native Montanan, Kaitlin has a natural love for the outdoors where she can be found running and biking backwoods trails, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, rollerblading, playing volleyball and disc golf. She brings laughter and light to her classes and is inspired and humbled by her students.

Kate S.

Kate was born and raised right here in Bozeman, MT. She grew up skiing with her dad, practicing yoga with her mom, and participating in all the outdoor activities Bozeman has to offer. Kate spent some time in Bellingham, WA attending college then returned to Bozeman to finish her degree. In 2013 she graduated from MSU with a B.S. in geology. During her final year of college, Kate attended a nine-month 260-hour yoga teacher training through Nancy Ruby’s Yoga Motion (Yoga Alliance recognized), completing her certification in June of 2014. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga with the community!

MacKenzie B.

MacKenzie’s intention for each class is to create an environment in which students are able to open up, have a little fun and heal their bodies and minds. Most of her work is in mentoring teachers and working with beginning and intermediate yogis to help them develop a practice.  MacKenzie holds a 200RYT though Yoga Motion, a Medical Exercise Specialty and an ACE personal training certification. She also has formal training and certifications in Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and meditation.

Steve B.

Steve is a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic here in Bozeman and has been a climber and yoga practitioner for many years. Because research demonstrates profound improvement with yoga for physical and mental health, he became a yoga instructor to provide therapeutic yoga to patients in his clinic and the community. He brings therapeutic principles to a playful yoga class, here at Spire, that incorporates the inward journey that is the intention of yoga. 

Simone W.

In 2011, my sister dragged me to a yoga class after a breakup. I was an emotional wreck and inflexible from years of racing track, and I found staying with myself on the mat and doing the postures excruciating. But the practice slowly helped me to refine myself as I experienced remarkable physical and mental benefits, and one day I signed up for a Power Yoga teacher training in Boulder, Colorado. I moved there from Boston without a mat or a clue about what a great role yoga would end up playing in my life. I now practice about fifteen hours weekly, and I've started an online yoga business to bring Power Yoga to anybody, anywhere, anytime. Power and Hot Yoga offer me practices that are infused with the same intensity as racing –– without the stress-inducing competition. They are also forms of self-expression that bring me great joy, and it feels so good to help others cultivate physical and mental strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. Being part of the yoga community in particular has been like being on a sports team that continues to help me be the best version of myself. I look forward to growing that community by teaching at Spire. When I am not doing yoga, I'm adventuring in the mountains, snacking, painting, and working on an MFA in Writing through Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Terra K.

Terra believes that a powerful yoga practice can be crafted for any individual, regardless of their age, experience or physical ability. Terra Kopf is a RYT who focuses on uniting breath and movement through a dynamic vinyasa flow. The goal is to allow for healing and personal transformation, breath by breath. Terra specializes in creating unique and inspiring classes that leave students feeling whole and content in body, mind, and spirit. Terra completed her training at the Maui Yoga Shala in 2014, and has continued to study with many teachers including Nat Kendall, Eddie Modestini, Adam Ballenger and Desiree Rumbaugh.