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La Sportiva


For over 93 years, La Sportiva has been a leader in innovation for climbing products and designs. Based in a small town in the Dolomite mountain range in Italy, La Sportiva melds tradition, heritage, and innovation into their shoe designs to propel climbers to their destinations. Although based in Italy, La Sportiva has a North American headquarters located in Boulder, Colorado. La Sportiva's factory in Italy runs off of 100% renewable energy, is a proud supporter of 1% For the Planet, and is on track for all synthetics to be PFC- Free. Spire is proud to carry such a distinguished brand in our retail store! 


The La Sportiva Futura climbing shoe is one of the top shoes for high performance in bouldering, sport climbing, technical trad climbing, and gym climbing. With Patented No-Edge™ and P3® technology,  this lightweight, sensitive shoe offers excellent sensitivity for technical heel hooks and standing on minute edges. The Futura also benefits from the Solution's Fast Lacing System®, for a snug and precise fit for your feet. If you're stuck on a low-percentage move in your current project, the La Sportiva Futura climbing shoe might just be the best fit for you! Available in men's and women's models. 

Futura - Women's


A great shoe for the entry to mid level climber, the La Sportiva Kubo climbing shoe is comfortable yet offers a performance-driven shape and fit. Now with a redesigned heel and toe-patch rubber, the Kubo offers technical heel and toe hooking, to help break through that grade plateau while maintaining comfort for intermediate climbers. Available in Men's and Women's models.

Kubo - Women's


Want an aggressive climbing shoe that you can use to project, but does not crush your toes? The La Sportiva Skwama climbing shoe might just be the right fit for you! The Skwama blends an aggressive toe and heel design, with a slipper-like feel to provide a snug fit for performance and precision. Great for technical sport climbing and bouldering, the Skwama includes patented La Sportiva technology such as the Patented S-Heel™, and  P3® design to provide equalized tension on the sole while weighted. 

Muira VS

If climbing steep overhangs is your favorite thing, the La Sportiva Muira VS may just be the perfect climbing shoe for you! A classic high-performance shoe, the Muira VS offers an innovative design perfect for overhanging boulders, sport routes, and gym climbing. The Powerhinge System, Slingshot Rand, and  4mm Vibram® XS Edge™ rubber outsole provide ultimate edging power for technical climbing on any type of rock. Definitely on the more aggressive side of design, the Muira VS has been voted best in show by popular magazines such as Climbing Magazine and Rock and Ice. Available in men's women's models. 

Muira VS - Women's

Solution Comp

An awesome high performance option for any sport climber, boulderer, gym climber, or competitor. The La Sportiva Solution Comp climbing shoe is engineered for precision on the toes and heels, while maintaining a comfortable fit for a shoe that would definitely be considered on the aggressive side of design. Perfect choice if you are looking for a shoe that you can depend on for precise movement and pushing hefty grades on all type of rock. Available in men's and women's models. 

Solution Comp - Women's


A shoe that pretty much does it all, the La Sportiva Otaki climbing shoe is a great fit for those who want a shoe that can handle steep climbing in all disciplines, including crack climbing. Blending comfort with performance, the Otaki truly excels at technical edging and dependable heel hooking. Not as narrow or aggressive as the Solution, the Otaki is a great option for intermediate-expert climbers who value comfort and precision for long days on the walls or boulders. Available in men's and women's models.

Otaki - Women's


If trad climbing is your thing, you may want to consider the La Sportiva Finale climbing shoe. Although not necessarily considered a shoe for high performance or intense precision, where the Finale really shines is it's comfort, edging capability, and price point. With 5mm of Vibram XS Edge rubber, its a great shoe for those who spend hours on walls or in cracks. Another cool aspect of the La Sportiva Finale is how they are manufactured. With 40% of the shoe's weight being eco components, La Sportiva has designed this climbing shoe to have a reduced impact on the environment. Available in men's and women's models. 

Finale - Women's


If lace-ups are your thing, the La Sportiva Genius climbing shoe might be perfect for you. With a design built for performance, the lace ups offer high precision and edging due to it's No-Edge™ Technology and asymmetrical design. Couple that with a lacing system that offers one of the most precise fits on the market, the Genius is a great climbing shoe for experienced climbers that desire sensitivity on steep sport or trad climbs. 


If you know who Tommy Caldwell is, you may have heard of this climbing shoe. During his multi-year push to climb the Dawn Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite, Tommy realized he would need a specific shoe in order to complete the daunting task. Enter the La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoe. La Sportiva . A great all-around shoe, the TC Pro offers excellent edging, solid crack climbing, and the comfort of an adjustable lacing system. This is truly the ultimate climbing shoe for high performance trad climbing. 


The La Sportiva Katana Lace climbing shoe is a great all around shoe for steep face climbing and crack climbing. The lace-up design offers comfort for long days spent at the crag or on the walls, and the stiff structure holds well on slabs and edges. With a slightly downturned toe and light asymmetry, the Katana ensures that you can toe into the tiniest edges on your project. A narrow heel and performance designed heel pattern lets you heel hook with style and confidence. This is a great option if you are looking for a technical and performance driven trad shoe. 


A great entry level shoe that offers precision and performance. If you are new to climbing, but looking for a shoe with a bit more shape and precise toe action, the La Sportiva Aragon climbing shoe is a great fit. Very comfortable and quick to take on and off, the Aragon also offers a slightly downturned and asymmetrical design to promote more aggressive climbing and performance. Available in men's and women's models. 

Aragon - Women's