Live Yoga + Fitness

We will be offering live classes to bring the calming benefits of yoga + fitness to the safety of your home.  We will be live streaming these classes below via Facebook Live, and no Facebook account will be required to view.

These classes are being offered to the entire Bozeman community for free during the COVID crisis and we hope that they can bring a bit of normalcy and calm into your life during these turbulent times.
If you are willing and able and want to help us during this extremely challenging time, please contribute below, to help keep these classes running.   We continue to pay our yoga instructors and live stream support staff for their work so this isn't free for Spire to host.  All income will be going to the longer term needs of the staff and will help us continue this public service during the COVID-19 closure.
How you can help us - (Register online below, optional)
- Contribute below so that we can continue to provide these online classes (optional).
- Buy an online punch card, or sign up below and let us know you'd like us to punch your current card if you participate in an online class.
- Keep your EFT membership active by selecting that option in the registration screen below
- Share our classes with others in our community who could use the stress relief that yoga + fitness brings
Stay safe and healthy, and remember to practice social distancing.  We can't wait to see you all in person again.

 You will need to refresh the page at 11:59am to see the video here if you are viewing live.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Past Classes

Vinyasa w/Ashton S.


Vinyasa w/Jane W.

Vinyasa w/Sarah B.

Fitness Friday w/Sarah B.

Vinyasa w/Mackenzie M.

Vinyasa w/Sarah B.

Vinyasa w/Meesh M.

Vinyasa w/Angela D.

Vinyasa w/Casey L.

Vinyasa w/Sarah B.

Slow Flow w/Kelley J.

Vinyasa w/Sarah B.

Vinyasa w/Sarah B.