Route Setting

Route Setting Definitions

Boulder Problem

Bouldering is climbing without a rope to a reasonably low height.  Our gym is host to its two bouldering areas that interested individuals can check out.  We use the S Grade scale that goes from S1-S5 indicating difficulty.  

S grade system to V grade comparison.

S0: Below V0

S1: V0-V1

S2: V2-V3

S3: V4-V5

S4: V6-V7

S5: V8+

Top Rope Route

Top-roping is climbing with the rope already set up through the top anchors.  The belayer stands on the ground and takes the slack out of the rope as the climber ascends the wall.  When the climber reaches the top of the wall, the belayer lowers them using their belay device.  Routes set on the top-rope walls vary in difficulty from 5.5-5.13 and encompass all styles of climbing but roof climbing.

Lead Route

Involves clipping the rope into the wall as the climber ascends and is typically the domain of more advanced climbers.  We set lead routes from 5.6-5.14 that encompass all styles of climbing, with a focus on steeper and more difficult climbing.