Route Setting

With over 50 years of combined experience, our setting team aims to provide the Spire community with a diversity of styles, movement, grades, and holds. New routes and boulders are set 2-3 days a week, so there is always fresh plastic to send. We aim to provide everyone with a complete climbing experience, so if there is something you would like to see more or less of, scroll down and leave us constructive feedback!

Route Setting Team

Nick W. - Head Route Setter, Setting Since 2008

Height: 5'8"  Ape Index: +2" Climbing Since 1999

If it wasn't the whiskey, then it sure was that sweet southern sandstone that made this wayward Kentuckian fall in love with rock climbing. For 20 years, rock climbing has been a significant part of my life whether it's climbing outside or grabbing plastic. Eventually, I learned that I could put that plastic wherever my heart desired, and thus began my journey as a setter. I lucked out in finding Bozeman around 10 years ago and have been happy to call this place home ever since. I've learned so much through becoming part of the Montana climbing community; it has even influenced the way I set. I enjoy setting athletic, dynamic, and intricate movement. While I love climbing on steep walls, I also have a deep respect for the less than vertical.

Erik C. - Setting Since 2003

Height: 6'0"  Ape Index: 0"  Climbing Since 2002

I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD and learned to climb while attending MSU. I enjoy all disciplines of rock climbing and have a passion for developing hidden gems all over the USA. When not climbing on rock, I enjoy skiing, playing golf, and authoring guidebooks.

Hailey H. - Setting Since 2018

Height: 5'4"  Ape Index: 0"  Climbing Since 2010

I first started climbing in 2010 and pretty quickly discovered that I loved the combination of physical and mental challenge that climbing presents. I love technical, sequencey routes and problems, but also have a soft spot for crack climbing. I climb because it's fun, challenging, and a great way to interact with new people and places. Routesetting helps me understand climbing movement in reverse, and keeps me thinking creatively – both while setting and while climbing.



Cam B. - Setting Since 2018

Height: 5'7"  Ape Index: +2"  Climbing Since 2017

I started climbing in the Cascades on some of the best granite in the United States. I was fortunate enough to learn how to trad climb at a very early start from some local icons. Soon they got sick of climbing with a sketchy 17 year old and I started bouldering. This is when I learned to love movement. Route setting came into play at college where I had the opportunity to start setting and it made me think about climbing in a way I hadn't before. Now, it has been three years setting at commercial gyms and I am constantly learning and trying to be better each week!


Zak V. - Setting Since 2021

Height: 6'2"  Ape Index: +1"  Climbing Since 1996

I grew up outside of Washington D.C. and began climbing at Carderock as a teen. After high school I moved to Boulder where my passion for bouldering took off. In 2012 I moved to Bozeman, which coincided with a break from climbing for a few years. My favorite discipline is still bouldering. Outside of climbing I enjoy spending time with my partner, family and cat.


Joe C. - Setting Since 2007

Height: 6'1"  Ape Index: +0"  Climbing Since 2006

Originally from the Chicagoland area, I have lived all over the US including Alaska. My passion for climbing started in High School, quickly climbing as often as I could in places like The Red River Gorge and Devils Lake. Having started my outdoor climbing experience on quartzite, I developed a soft spot for southern sandstone climbing. When not climbing, you are most likely to find me bartending or playing games with friends.

Westy F. -  Setting Since 2011

Height: 5'7"  Ape Index: +0" Climbing Since 2011

I grew up in Bend, Oregon and began climbing while attending MSU where I studied, and graduated, with a degree in Kinesiology. I have been a route-setter at Spire since 2015, taking time off here and there to adventure and climb. With that being said, if I'm not working, you'll find me climbing outdoors both in Bozeman and around the states. I draw inspiration for route-setting from the numerous energy drinks I consume in a day and, I suppose, the organic climbs I find outdoors.

Ben E. -  Setting Since 2021

Height: 5'9"  Ape Index: +3.5" Climbing Since 2014

I grew up in the Boston area and started climbing at the local gym. I quickly joined the team and did a couple years of competing. After discovering outdoor climbing, my passion shifted from plastic to rock and it’s been my very favorite thing to do ever since. I love sport climbing, bouldering and roaming the Montana wilderness to find fresh rock. My favorite climbing areas are Bishop, Siurana and Montana’s own Fantasia.

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