Scarpa Climbing Shoes


Founded in 1938 in the foothills of the Dolomites, SCARPA is a family owned manufacturer in Northern Italy. SCARPA stands for Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, which means Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area. With mountaineering and climbing rapidly growing within Italy, SCARPA recognized a need to develop footwear with features dedicated to those pursuits, and for legendary durability and fit that the brand has become known for. In 2005, SCARPA opened up its North American headquarters in Boulder, CO. Since then, SCARPA has become a leading brand in North American climbing and mountaineering, and Spire is proud to carry their climbing shoe line in our retail store. 

Instinct VS

A stiff but performance oriented shoe, the Scarpa Instinct VS climbing shoe is an industry-best model for hard bouldering and steep sport climbing. Quick and easy to get on and off, the Instinct VS provides support through its Bi-Tension™ active rand, and use of the patented Vibram® XS Edge rubber to stick to the most minute of edges. If you're looking to improve your toe-hooking, the Scarpa Instinct VS also provides a durable rubber toe patch to maximize power and confidence on tricky toe-hooks. 

Instinct VSR

You may look at the Scarpa Instinct VSR climbing shoe and say, "Hey, that looks just like the Scarpa Instinct VS, but in blue," and you would be right. However there are some key differences between the two shoes that make this model stand on it's own, in all of its bluish glory. Overall the shoe follows the same structure of the VS, however the use of a different rubber (Vibram® Grip2) allows for a more supple shoe with stickier rubber. If you like the VS, but want a softer and more sensitive shoe for your steep boulder or sport climb project, the Scarpa Instinct VSR could be the perfect shoe for you! 

Instinct VS Lace

Another member of the Scarpa Instinct VS family, the Scarpa Instinct VS Lace climbing shoe is exactly what you think it is: the Instinct VS but with laces instead of Velcro. This version of the shoe might be the perfect fit for you if you need a shoe that excels in vertical granite climbing, that will hold its shape over time and provide excellent toe and heel hooking, definitely try out the Instinct VS Lace next time you come to Spire! 

Vapor V

If you're looking for a workhorse shoe that can do it all, the Scarpa Vapor V climbing shoe might be the right climbing shoe for you. Excelling at bouldering, sport climbing, and even on trad, the Vapor V was also designed with an emphasis on comfort and durability. If long multipitch days are your favorite thing, we would highly recommend the Scarpa Vapor V to add to your quiver! Available in men's and women's models. 

Vapor V - Women's


The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoe was designed as a new concept for the climbing collection, as it is a shoe that is more indoor oriented than outdoor. With a wider toe box, the Veloce is great for the beginner and intermediate level climber. Fairly soft in structure, the Veloce offers high sensitivity and excellent S-72 rubber to stick to the smallest of footholds. If you're looking for a great indoor shoe only, definitely check out the Scarpa Veloce! Available in men's and women's models. 

Veloce - Women's


Another softer shoe on the market, the Scarpa Drago climbing shoe is a highly sensitive and aggressively downturned asymmetrical shoe for steep boulder, sport, and face climbing. Very comfortable on the foot, the Drago excels in its toe-hooks, heel hooks, and gymnastic styles of climbing. If you want a super sensitive shoe for powerful and dynamic climbing, definitely take the Scarpa Drago out for a spin! 

Force V

The Scarpa Force V climbing shoe is another great shoe to help bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate level climbing. Built for comfort and durability, the Force V has a flatter shape and is outfitted with the Vibram® XS Edge rubber. While not the most aggressive shoe, the Scarpa Force V still excels at moderate climbing in the gym or on sport climbs. Available in men's and women's models. 

Force V - Women's


A great option from Scarpa for a comfortable all-day shoe, the Scarpa Helix climbing shoe offers a classic fit and performance. With a highly adjustable lacing system for fits, comfort is key with the Helix. Aside from comfort though, the Helix benefits from Vibram® XS Edge rubber for grip and durability making it a highly dependable shoe for all-day excursions on trad or multipitch sport routes. Although not necessarily designed for beginners, the shape and comfort of the Helix also makes it a great choice for entry level climbers. That being said, this shoe is also great for bridging the gap between beginner and intermediate, as well as gym and outdoor disciplines. Available in men's and women's models. 

Helix - Women's


One of the best shoes for beginners on the market, the Scarpa Origin climbing shoe is an excellent choice for those looking to get into rock climbing. Offering a comfortable fit that make them easy to wear for long periods of time, these shoes still offer SCARPA’s proprietary Vision™ rubber for sticking to the rock or plastic. Available in men's and women's models. 

Origin - Women's