Self Rescue

Self Rescue

Our self rescue clinic works on the technical rope skills necessary to get yourself and an incapacitated partner down from vertical terrain and back to the ground safely. The main scenario this clinic will address is how to use the gear on your harness to rescue an injured leader who cannot be lowered because they have climbed above the halfway point on their rope.  While the clinic is built around a theoretical scenario, the skills and tools taught have a wide variety of implementations in everyday problem solving at the crag or in the mountains.

This clinic delivers the technical rope skills necessary to get you and an incapacitated partner out of vertical terrain and back to the ground safely. The main scenario it will address involves working from the ground up when the leader is injured past the halfway mark of the rope. We'll focus on how to effectively use the gear already on your harness to accomplish an effective self-rescue, and flexible problem-solving strategies. Though our practice will be built around theory & drills, it will help you develop a base of concrete problem-solving skills useful in a variety of crag or expeditionary environments.


  • Must be at least 14 years of age
  • Must be Lead Certified at Spire
  • Prior Mulit-pitch experience
  • Prior Rappelling experience
  • Have climbed a minimum of 3 months

When: This is a 16 hour class that can be taught in two day or four day increments. Doesn't fit your schedule? See calendar below for next class offering and registration. Doesn't fit your schedule? Classes can also be offered upon request. Please email us at to set up a private class.

Cost:  $350 Members, $420 Non-Members

Location: Main Facility - 13 Enterprise Blvd, Bozeman MT 59718

* The Self Rescue clinic requires a minimum of 2 participants to run.

*Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the start of class to receive a refund.

How to Prepare:

Basic Tools: In order to get the most out of this clinic it will be helpful if you have a basic understanding of some knots, hitches and systems for multipitch climbing. The following is a breakdown of some of the skills we will cover: Figure eight (on a bight, follow through), flat overhand, clove hitch, munter hitch (and mule overhand tie off), 3 wrap prusik hitch, autoblock hitch, tying off a belay device, rappel extension with a backup, counter balance rappel, tandem rappel, anchors, bringing up a second. Don't be discouraged or overwhelmed if you haven't seen all of these techniques before! We'll go over all these skills in the clinic and make sure we are all on the same page. It is, however, well worth taking the time to look at these links to ensure familiarity, as these skills are the building blocks for more complex systems. Topics Covered: Overview of PPE, materials and limitations of use, knots and hitches, methods of ascending a fixed line and autobelay, rappel methods, passing a knot on ascent and rappel, rappelling with a partner, escaping the belay, injured leader scenario - escape belay, ascend to partner, fix rope, tandem rappel, anchor building, escaping palquette mode, multi pitch rappel with unconscious partner.

Recommended Reading: If you'd like additional information before class or would like a refrence after class has finished, check out Self-Rescue by David Fasulo

 Required Gear:

Recommended gear list: Helmet, harness, cordelette, 3 prusik cords, 2 double length (120cm) slings, 2 single length slings (60cm), 5 locking carabiners, 5 non-lockers, belay device. If you are missing any of the above gear it will be provided. Additionally, please bring any equipment you normally multiptich climb with.

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