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 Climbing mountains, cliffs, and boulders often times provide us with some of the best memories, especially when they've been captured by a lens to revisit. At Spire, we know we have some talented photographers in our membership, and we would love the opportunity to showcase those photos on our social media platforms, and website. From July 18th - August 18th, we're bringing back the #Spiresends Photo Contest for our membership to submit their photos for a chance to win a $100 Spire Gift Card! See below for how it works! 


How it works:

You can submit your photos one of two ways: 

A) Upload your photo to Instagram, and tag us @spireclimbing, with the hashtag #spiresends listed in the description. 


B) Submit your photo through the form below!

Once the photos have been collected, our staff will review and vote on the best photos. Best photo will receive the $100 gift card! 


We will also be sharing our favorite images in our social media platforms as the month goes by, so get out there with your camera or phone and start capturing your favorite adventures! 



$100 Spire Gift Card!

 See Submitted Photos Below!

Slade Scott

The route is "Primer Año" in La Huasteca, Mexico and is 4 pitches up the front of a mountain, a scramble across the back, and come back through the mountain via a large cave to rap twice down a gully to the start point.  Highly recommend if you make it to Monterrey.

Sarah Allen

It was a beautiful, clear night when we headed up to Bear Canyon to climb. This was my first time night climbing and I found it exhilarating. Any fear I typically felt leading outdoors was gone as the wall fell beneath me into darkness. As far as I knew I could be three feet off the ground. All I thought of was just the rock in front of me, searching with my headlamp for my next hold.

Photo courtesy of Cade Nelson

Taylor Jones

Bozeman native, Mike Dvorsak cruising a Natural Bridge State Park classic, Adventure Time 5.11c

Tully Warren

These were taken near palisades waterfall. We originally wanted to repel right next to the waterfall but the danger of falling rocks was way to high. So instead we walked around to the left a bit, then repelled and ascended. 

Justice Steen

Freestone climbing gym with one of my favorite photographers Emma Smith who also runs the group girlzwhoclimb. During some of my lowest times her photography made me feel strong and gravity defying.

Daniel Sierra

This is me leading Ragged Edges in Red Rock. One of the best moderate gear routes I have ever climbed! The finish is just passed the perfect hands, offset crack you can see at the top of the frame.

Tully Warren

Practice Rock.

Emma Alquist

My last day climbing in Malta before having to move back to the states early Covid. So nice spending my last day doing what I love. 

John Riordan

Bear Canyon!

Jeff Kuntz

Pushing past the crux of Pocket Pool at Red Cliff (Gallatin Canyon)!

Bennett Serisky

This photo is of the last time I went rock climbing in New England before I move to Bozeman in August.

William Gram

Bear Canyon!

Kyle Redberg

Ian locked in and ready to send the link up "Tree Hugger" in Bear Canyon

Caden Rogers

Gus Evans

Index, Washington

Kyle Redberg

The amount of mosquitoes that bit me while I waited for this shot was unreal. Henry Schlotzhauer putting down the classic "Sweet Ambrosia" in Montana's own Hidden Lakes bouldering area.

Gus Evans

Index, Washington