Spire Yoga Studio

Bozeman Yoga Studio

Spire's studio offers a variety of yoga classes, from deep stretching sessions to sweaty power hours. Our team of talented and passionate yoga teachers provide clear instruction, engaging sequences, and an open and inviting space for all participants, from novice students to seasoned yogis. Climbers and non-climbers alike can benefit from the unique ways yoga poses strengthen and lengthen muscles, helping to prevent injury, reduce stress, and cultivate vitality in both body and mind.

Class descriptions are detailed below and by clicking on the calendar. We hope to see you in the studio soon!


Class registration opens seven days before the class. Pre-registration is not required to attend, but it can be necessary to reserve your spot. Sign up online by clicking your preferred class on the calendar below and following the link “reserve your spot.”


  • Free for members
  • $17/class drop-in rate; pay when you sign up online or at the front desk prior to class



Deep Stretch Yoga

Also known as Yin yoga, our deep stretch yoga classes offer a series of gentle poses that you’ll hold for longer periods of time (typically 3-5 minutes). This meditative approach allows you to substantially lengthen muscles through breath and stillness. With particular attention paid to common tight areas like hips, shoulders, and the lower back, the deep stretching of this class will help you release tension and find new spaciousness in your body. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Alignment Yoga

Also known as Hatha yoga, these slower-paced yoga flows offer ample time and clear instruction to find the correct alignment in each pose. Through holding poses a little longer than a faster-paced yoga class, you’ll find yourself creating strength in stillness while also lengthening the muscles. This is a great class for beginners, but all levels can find a nice balance of challenge and relaxation.

Flow Yoga

Also known as Vinyasa yoga, movement is paired with breath to create a fluid flow between poses. This faster-paced class offers a challenge that is both strengthening and meditative. With its focus on breath, stability, and movement, the crossovers between vinyasa yoga and climbing are many. Vinyasa classes finish with a series of cool-down poses that offer deeper stretching before the final resting pose. Some yoga experience can be helpful, but is not required.

Power Yoga

Our Power Yoga classes pair movement with breath through a series of challenging poses. This is a great workout that gets the heart pumping and sweat flowing. Its compliments to climbing are many: the poses strengthen antagonist muscles, hone better balance, and cultivate focus and resiliency. Some yoga experience can be helpful, but is not required.



Our beautiful south Bozeman yoga studio was built in 2015 and is located upstairs next to our fitness area in our Main Facility. With natural lighting and beautiful wood floors, our spacious yoga studio invites students to practice a variety of styles in a relaxing space.

  • Manduka Pro Rental Yoga Mats provided
  • Bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks to help you find the perfect position
  • In-ceiling speakers allow for balanced tunes to aid your flow
  • Full-length mirror to find that ideal alignment
  • Large window allows for natural light
  • Free shower and towel service for after your class
  • Double thick insulation in the walls to help deaden the sound from the hubbub of the climbing gym




Do you have any yoga classes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. All our classes are taught by qualified instructors with the knowledge and ability to help beginners safely create yoga poses with their bodies. That being said, in slower-paced yoga classes like our Deep Stretching and Alignment options above, students hold poses for a longer time, which gives beginners more opportunity to find the pose variation that feels right for their body.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit will start by filling out a waiver and getting checked in by our front desk. Our yoga studio is upstairs, and all the studio gear (mats, blankets, bolsters, etc.) are free for you to borrow. Our instructors will ask you about any injuries or requested poses before the class begins to help tailor the practice to your needs.

What should I wear to attend yoga?

We'd recommend wearing clothes that do not restrict movement such as leggings, shorts, or pants made with stretchy material like spandex.

Do you offer hot yoga?

We do not, but we do have several space heaters in our studio so we can warm the studio up in winter.

Can I climb and do a yoga class on the same day pass?

Yep, you can even take a yoga class in the morning and come back later in the day to climb, or vice versa. Our $15 drop-in price, however, is for yoga classes only. If you would like to climb and attend a yoga class, you will need to buy a day pass for the gym.

Is yoga included in your memberships?

Unlimited yoga is included in any of our memberships.



Nico Hurley

Nico started practicing yoga at her local climbing gym when she was 18 years old. She was a competitive dancer throughout her life and when dance was no longer a part of her life, she turned to yoga to find the movement that her body craved. Nico generally teaches a pretty slow moving but powerful class with lots of options to modify as needed. She loves to incorporate fun transitions, breathwork and time to play into her classes. She always asks if anyone has anything they need in the body before class so feel free to come with ideas of what you are looking for out of class whether that be to stretch, strengthen, or get into a posture that you are working on! 

Angela Davis

Angela originally hails from northeast Florida where she obtained her B.S. in Biology from the University of North Florida. Her love affair with the sciences and a longing for personal well-being made yoga a natural fit for her. She completed her training in 2016 in a Bikram, vinyasa style hot yoga. Shortly thereafter she was able to enrich her passions for climbing and yoga by structuring classes for climbers here at Spire. She’s a firm believer that an intentional yoga practice can bring about increased body awareness, mobility, breath control, and help to prevent injury. She’d love to practice with you! 

Hannah Anderson

Hannah welcomes you to structured play in her flows, with an emphasis on accessibility of the yoga practice, believing that yoga is for everybody and every body. She has been teaching yoga since 2014 when she first completed her teacher training in New York City and has since traveled internationally in order to further her training and teaching. You can expect a variety of breath work and asanas with ample modifications to create a customized flow, finding what feels good for you in the moment, as you welcome all of your parts into our spaces of practice. In addition to yoga, Hannah’s other passions include connecting to her surrounding community, climbing, traveling, skiing, and cats 

Jane Weisenberger

After 30 years of practice and over 10 years of teaching yoga, Jane finds the most important focus in education is to facilitate growth toward people experiencing their highest potential.
Jane directs her class instruction toward the opening of mind and body with the breath. She invites the body to the present moment flow, letting go of heaviness and tension that may cause restriction. Everyone is encouraged to meet their body where it is and create an individual practice. Jane is also a board-certified physical therapist as well as an outdoor enthusiast. Running, climbing, skiing, cycling and backpacking are some of the activities she enjoys regularly with her wonderful husband and dog.

Maren Youngquist

Mari grew up in Minnesota and came to Montana in 2017 to work seasonally as a backpacking guide in the Bob Marshall wilderness. Falling in love with the mountains, she quickly made Montana her year-round home. In 2019, Mari got her 200-hour YTT certification to learn more about yoga as a means to balance her high-impact and high-speed lifestyle off the mat. She believes deeply that focusing on breath and mindfulness helps her climbing, trail running, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking pursuits. Intentional time and effort spent on the mat translates to better well-being in all areas of life! 

Sara Freedwoman

Sara has been practicing yoga since she was in high school and teaching for the past few years. Yoga is incorporated into all aspects of her life, from a daily meditation practice, to stilling her mind while climbing, to leading retreats that connect participants with their inner feminine through Freedwoman Retreats. Sara hails from the Philadelphia-area, but feels most at home in the mountains, especially while skiing, trail running, and camping. From her lineages of heart-opening yoga, Ashtanga, vinyasa, and yin, you can expect her classes to include pranayama (breath control), physical asana, yoga philosophy, and meditation.

Steve Bair

Steve teaches a slow-flow style yoga, instructing with the intention of helping class participants get to know themselves better through movement, breath, and mindful self-observation. Steve has benefited from a personal yoga practice spanning many years. He has focused his yoga education on therapeutic applications. Steve’s education includes ERYT500, Low Back Yoga Therapy (protocols from large research trials), and Love Your Brain (yoga for concussion/TBI care). Furthermore, he is credentialed as a Yoga Continuing Education Provider. Personally, Steve is gratefully married, is close with his adult children, and is a lifelong adventure enthusiast, climber, skier, cyclist, mountain human. Professionally, Steve is a Doctor of Chiropractic and applies yoga for physical rehabilitation in clinic. Find out more about his work at EvolutionOfBalance.com