Spring Fling 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021 - 06:00

spring fling 2021

Who says you can’t have spring in February?!  Sweep COVID under the rug (figuratively speaking, social distancing and COVID safety policies still apply) and join us for our annual Spring Fling roped climbing comp in virtual format.  This year, you’ll get two weeks to compete and complete your hardest routes while monitoring your fellow competitors live on the KAYA app.  There will be plenty of fun, competitive spirit, swag, and prizes for winners!

Don’t forget your Spandex!

Citizens Competition

Dates: Feb 22nd– March 7th


  • Cost: FREE to members!!! Non-Members - Free with purchase of day pass or punch card. (Sorry, due to COVID, no adult beverages or t-shirts this year)
  • To register follow these steps:
  1. Download the KAYA app to a mobile device and create an account.
  2. Search for "Spring Fling Citizens Comp – 2021”
  3. Join the challenge!

Format: Virtual Redpoint - Sorry no finals this year :(

  • All competitors will have 2 weeks to complete their 5 hardest sends.
  • Competition routes will be tagged with an "SSF Citizen" tag in the KAYA app.
  • Competitors must use the KAYA app to log their attempts and sends. All attempts must be logged. For completed routes, one scoring point will be deducted for every unsuccessful attempt. The sum of their top 5 highest completed climbs will be their score for the competition.
  • Competitors will be ranked per category and the results will be available on the KAYA app.


  • Routes have no designated starting holds.  Competitors may start on any holds which they can reach from the ground.  On all TR finishes competitor, must control the final hold(s).  On all Lead finishes, competitor must complete the final clip.  
  • Competitors can attempt any route as many times as they want.  If a hold spins or breaks, step off immediately or the attempt will count (then please contact a staff member). If you use a hold or feature that is "off route", no points can be earned and the attempt will count.
  • Only designated holds and features are permitted for climbing each route. “Smearing” is allowed so long as a competitor does not utilize something off route such as another hold.  Volumes are considered part of the wall and can be used unless otherwise noted.
  • Bolt holes on the wall are not permitted to be used as hand holds at any time.  Bolt holes on holds can be used.
  • Competitors cannot work routes.  You must lower to the ground immediately after falling.  You may brush holds while lowering.

Prize and Raffle:  Prizes with generous support from our title Sponsor Mystery Ranch!

Gym Reservations: Competitors may climb anytime the gym is open within the competition dates but must check into the gym with a walk-in or booked reservation. Citizen competitors are not required to make a reservation, but it is highly encouraged during weekday evenings as the gym is busier at these times and may hit COVID occupancy capacity. All competitors will need a membership, day pass, or punch card to use the facility. Online reservations can be made here.

COVID Rules: All competitors must follow Spire’s COVID safety policies here.

Results: Can be found on the Kaya app by searching for the event.


Youth Competition – USA Climbing Youth Lead/TR Regional Qualifier

Dates: Feb 22nd– March 7th

Registration: This event is a sanctioned USA Climbing Regional Qualifying event. Youth Competitors must be registered for this event and are required to have a current USAC membership.

Competitors must download the KAYA app and familiarize themselves with how it works prior to registering for the competition. Each competitor must have their own account within the KAYA app. Competitors with existing KAYA accounts do not need to download the app again or create another account

To register for a virtual redpoint competition, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://kaya-app.kayaclimb.com/purchase/challenge/67
  2. Login using the same credentials associated with their KAYA app account.
  3. Search for "USAC Lead/TR Youth R22 Spire Climbing".
  4. Pay for the virtual redpoint competition and enter USA Climbing membership number. The cost will be $31.20.
  5. Log back into the KAYA app and find the virtual redpoint competition attached to your KAYA account.

Further details on event registration and USA Memberships can be found at http://www.usaclimbing.org.

Format: Virtual Redpoint

  • The event format is to be in compliance with the USA Climbing rulebook as modified by the virtual format addenda.
  • All competitors will have 2 weeks to complete their 3 hardest sends.
  • All competition routes are Top Rope only.
  • Competitors must use the KAYA app to log their sends. The sum of their top 3 highest completed climbs will be their score for the competition. Competitors unable to download the KAYA app due to lack of access to a capable device must contact USA Climbing prior to the competition for approval and further guidance.
  • Competitors experiencing technical difficulties with the KAYA app during the competition must contact KAYA via www.kayaclimb.com/support.
  • To receive a score, competitors must submit video verification within the KAYA app of their successfully completed climbs. Results not entered into the KAYA app will not be accepted.
  • Competitors will be ranked per category and the results will be available on the KAYA app.

Rules: http://www.usaclimbing.org/Officials/Rulebook.htm

FAQ: http://www.usaclimbing.org/Assets/USA_Climbing_Virtual_Redpoint_and_Speed_FAQ_FINAL_210130.pdf

Gym Reservations: Due to COVID-19 operating and gym capacity restrictions, all youth competitors will be required to make a reservation to participate in the Spire Spring Fling 21 virtual event. There is no gym access fee for Spire members, coaches, or parents. Non-Spire members will need to purchase a $14 competitor day pass.

  • All participants must limit facility use to their reservation times.
  • To minimize impact and reduce numbers in our facility we are limiting one parent in attendance per competitor. All parents and coaches are required to make a reservation.
  • There will not be belayers provided. Please allow time for a belay test if you have not already completed one at Spire. Experienced belayers only. Spire will not provide belay lessons for this event.
  • If you do not find a date and time that works for you please contact Spire at info@spireclimbingcenter.com

Click here for Online Youth Competitor Gym Reservations

COVID Rules: All competitors must follow Spire’s COVID safety policies here.