Unparallel Climbing Shoes


A newer brand in the climbing shoe landscape, UNPARALLEL climbing have quickly become a favorite in the industry due to their innovative designs and high-quality materials. Based out of Southern California, UNPARALLEL was born after the sale of the popular climbing shoe brand, 5.10, to sports apparel giant Adidas. After the purchase, Adidas moved all 5.10 manufacturing overseas, leaving an opportunity for a new company to take over and begin manufacturing their own shoes. Enter UNPARALLEL. UNPARALLEL shoes are all designed for better performance to ensure that your climbing experiences are better than you’ve had before. Spire Climbing + Fitness is very excited to be carrying this cool new(ish) climbing shoe brand, and we hope you come in and check them out in our retail shop! 


The spiritual successor to the 5.10 Moccasym, the Unparallel UP MOCC climbing shoe combines the slipper fit with a reinforced heel and slingshot randing. With the Real Honour rubber, the UP MOCC balances friction and rigidity for technical and precise footwork capability. While not super aggressive in asymmetrical shape, the UP MOCC is a great shoe for a comfortable fit, that can excel on really any terrain from boulders, to thin crack climbing. 


A powerful shoe for any terrain, that maintains comfort for beginner-intermediate climbers, the Unparallel UP Rise VCS is a great shoe for bumping through your grade plateaus. With a reinforced heel and VD rubber toe patch, climbers can set confident heel and toe hooks on steep terrain. The UP Rise VCS marries friction with durability for excellent smearing and edging as well. 


If you follow competitive climbing, then the name Tomoa Narasaki may ring a bell. Enter the Unparallel TN (Tomoa Narasaki) Pro climbing shoe. A downturned and stiff performance shoe, the TN Pro excels at standing on the most minute of edges on any angle. A bit of a narrower shoe, the TN Pro is perfect for anyone looking for a low-volume performance oriented fit. With the slingshot heel and rubber toe patch, the TN Pro shines on technical heel and toe hooks. If you were a fan of the 5.10 Regulus or Ten Hiangle, the TN Pro is a perfect addition to your quiver and a fantastic all-around climbing shoe. 


An ambitious shoe for ambitious climbers, the high-performance designed Unparallel Flagship climbing shoe excels at top-end bouldering and sport routes both indoors and outdoors. With a downturned shaping, the Flagship excels on overhanging terrain, however can also hold its own on slabs or more vertical terrain. The fit will definitely be what defines the shoe, due to a narrow but high volume forefoot, and a wide and high volume heel. An entirely synthetic shoe, the Flagship's durability shines with limited stretching and a lasting fit.