Spire Workshop Series

Spire Workshops

This fall, we will be hosting a series of workshops at Spire for our membership, as well as those who would like to partake as non-members. These workshops will cover a broad range of topics across rock climbing, yoga, fitness, mental resiliency, and other fun skills that you can learn to supplement your climbing or day-to-day life. Please see below for this fall's workshop offerings and schedule!

Spire Yoga + Fitness Workshop Series Schedule: October - December

Handstand Workshop with Gabby Lemire

Date: Saturday, December 3rd 

Time: 1-4 pm 

Location: Main Facility

Price: $54 Members / $69 Non-members 

Workshop Description: 

Join Gabby for this 3-hour workshop to breakdown the movements involved in a handstand. Gabby will cover techniques for safe entries, exits, body positions, biomechanics, spotting, and pressing. Participants will use the wall, various props, spotting to go wall free, and partner drills. Whether you are looking to up your freestanding handstand game or you are just beginning to find comfort upside down, you will take away many tools to integrate into your handstand practice. 

Instructor Bio: 

Gabby has a passion for movement. As a youth she competed and coached gymnastics. Since then, she has instructed people in hand balancing, contortion, acroyoga, partner acrobatics, cheerleading, and most other acrobatic disciplines she can get her hands on. She trained at the Underground Circus in Vancouver and completed the 2017 Pitch Catch Circus Training program. Over the years she has taught handstand, mobility, flexibility, and acroyoga workshops. In addition to her love for acrobatics, Gabby loves climbing, skiing, and recently began weightlifting.